Thursday, 4 September 2014

This is Christchurch

Today happens to be the 4th anniversary of the first of the earthquakes. You would think that the city would be well on it's way to being rebuilt, you might even think that the broken buildings had all been cleared up, even if the new stuff wasn't yet built.  Buuuuut, you'd be wrong. 

Some recent photos:

Sunday, 3 August 2014

So... what's been happening?

1. Well, firstly, a well overdue update on Hermann - he died. I couldn't actually bring myself to eat the cake that he turned into, as I was so put off by him sitting on my bench rotting away for days on end. So I was the end of that particular Hermann chain. 

2. Study - remember this? Yeah, so it ended up taking up a fair bit of my time and although there was a LOT of procrastination, the blog has kind of been not so much of a priority.  ps yes, I passed and can now officially call myself a cat vet! Whoop!

3. Not much else. Seriously, things have been very boring indeed.  The kid is now four. Four! Mental!  We are on the countdown to school which is totally crazy, but there you have it. He can swim and ride a bike,  and has a few jokes up his sleeve,  and is generally a pretty funny guy to have around. 

And that's it. Holidays? Well, funny you should ask as we have just come back from a trip to Arrowtown for a week. It was the best. We ate enormous amounts of food, sat by a fire, went for a few decent walks and didn't do much else. The photo opportunities were incredible. See:

Nice huh?

Friday, 25 July 2014

I'm coming back.

Promise. Just working up to it. Not that anyone's listening anymore...

In the meantime, I give you Boo, in all her middle-aged glory: