Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Crap, a leopard!

At work we're having our annual charity art auction. It goes like this: everyone in the company, from the managing director all the way down to me, creates an 'art' piece. The stuff is then auctioned for a local charity and everyone's happy.
Problem is, we're not artists. We work in an office. With computers and Bluetooth devices. Anyway, mine's called Books I never wrote. This guy would really tear me to pieces, "Ding Ding! Here comes the shit-mobile".

Cushion #2

Following on from our very first post (June 2007) we have another cushion. This one was hand sewn a couple of months ago.

Again, the Bernina came out, but a fair amount of time was also spent hunched over squinting and sewing (in the bleak winter evenings) beside the fire.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

When we were very young...

The internet is too weird. With my broken hand I have spent an inordinate amount of time online and have googled everything and everyone. Then I googled me:

Circa 1984 - ah the memories - Mrs Parsons, the school gymnasium, nomads, the fact that I was one of the minorities whose mother made me were the optional school uniform (which maybe explains my ongoing penchant for skivvies, or polo necks as I like to refer to them now). Ah, the days were just packed....