Sunday, 24 June 2007

Veges are good

Well winter is definitely upon us now - there is snow on the Southern Alps and we can see our breath while we lie in bed at night. But never fear, because we have a spectacular vege patch to help us through the cold winter months...

Here is what the patch looked like when we moved in in February - I'd just planted some seedlings:

And now things have gone wild and veges (and weeds) are growing everywhere:

We have: silverbeet, cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, radiches (yuck), and even some jerusalem artichokes (planted before we arrived). Not to mention a large selection of herbs. I am off out there now to gather some bounty to make a hearty vege soup. Mmmmmm veges.

Monday, 11 June 2007

Matt makes a new friend

Well, the whole point of these posts are to provide an insight into our lives now that we live in the country. NOT as a forum for architectural wank, despite the impression Matt's last post may have given. To rectify the situation, I thought I'd share a pic from Saturday night - at the local pub. All was going well until the local rugby team popped in to have a round of beers - this young gentleman took a particular shining to Matthew....

In all a pretty ordinary night at the Angler's Arms.


Boyd Motel

Last year I made a stillborn attempt to buy the Robin Boyd designed Dower House. A few well-dressed guys mocked my borrowing power and I never even raised my hand to bid. I left the auction dejected and sulking, but mortgage-free.

And now it's up for rent. At $1500 per week I still can't afford it, but it looks as lovely as ever.

Boyd was one of Australia's most prominent post-war architects and a vocal advocate for the development of an Australian style that suited the climate and surrounds. The Dower house is a compact representation of his ideas

The Dower house is right by Boyd's Baker House, arguably his finest work, and sits nearby to a studio designed by Sir Roy Grounds. That's some pretty impressive architecture sitting in the bush outside of Melbourne

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Cushion #1

Today we made a cushion for our sofa. Lil bought some linen and a cushion from a fabric shop and sewed a 50 x 50cm cover. She has an old Bernina sewing machine which she says is the best: simple and built in Switzerland to last, like the watches. I then drew some cyclists with a black Sharpie pen and after a quick iron it was done. And now the wooden sofa arms don't dig in so much.