Monday, 9 June 2008

What I did when it snowed, by Boo.

The day after it snowed Matt went for a ride on his bicycle (yikes!):

...and while he was doing that Lil and I went to the dog park.

The dog park is really fun, there are heaps of other dogs there. I am always a little shy when we first arrive - I generally stand on the edge and watch the other dogs for a while before getting up the courage to go and play.

The day it snowed I met a dalmation who called herself Spotty-dog. First we did a lot of sniffing.

But after a wee while we played chase. It's my favourite game, first we run in one direction with me in front, then we turn and I chase Spotty-dog.

It was a very busy day. Matt finally turned up at the dog park on his bike - he was very cold (what a stupid thing to do).

Signed: Boo, queen of the gumboot.

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