Monday, 8 March 2010

The times they are a changing...

So things have definitely changed since I last posted properly. Boo is adapting well to her city lifestyle, helped along by the fact that there is still a beach nearby (and this one has lots more dogs than Waikuku).

We have sold the Goddess. I actually cried when it was driven away by it's new owners. We have upgraded to a family wagon, still a Citroen, but far more boring, although Boo gets the whole boot to herself.

I have no garden yet, and very much doubt I will have one in the next 12 months, so there won't be any blogging about new plants, and flowers and veges etc, which I am sure is disappointing for everyone.

I am still baking like crazy, and the sewing machine has been used more in the past couple of weeks than it has in ages.

And even though the weather has been sweltering, I managed to knit myself a hat for the winter...I sourced the pattern and yarn from The Yarn Tree via Wikstenmade.

And I am now baking with a new oven, which is crazy exciting. This weekend I attempted Brioche for the first time, using a recipe for cinnamon swirl loaf here.

It was pretty delicious. Would definitely make again!

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Angela said...

Warm Brioche and coffee, best breakfast ever!