Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Hip young things...

Okay, I haven't felt this old and out of touch in a while. I came across this free download of a Christmas Album through a blog on my reader (I can't remember which one....eek!)...I've never really gotten into the whole Christmas Album thing, although I do like the idea of one. Anyways I downloaded this and have been listening to it all morning.

It is very nicely produced, with a great indie kind of sound (or maybe we have moved on from 'indie' and it is referred to as something else now, I wouldn't know as I am stuck back in 2006 which is when I last felt I had my finger on some sort of music pulse), although I hadn't heard of even one of the artists involved. So I went and checked out the site where it came from, then it dawned on me...they are all young, hip New Zealand bands or artists...

(nb: it has been drawn to my attention that the following video doesn't really make any sense, and just looks like a group of random musicians making a lot of random noise - to clarify, it is a series of short clips taken during the making of the above album....it doesn't represent the music very accurately..in fact, it makes it look like it might be a bit of a shit album. Sorry for the confusion)

Where have I been? How come I don't know any of these guys - presumably too much time listening to Radio National....and not enough listening to RDU or KiwiFm.

Then I delved further and found this great cover by band Artisan Guns:

If you watch this you will not only be impressed with New Zealand music right now, but you will also realise that these kids are......kids. Seriously, I think there may be some pubertal acne there. And they don't look like even need to shave yet.

Don't get me wrong, I think this is awesome. It is just a little depressing for me. I used to feel so young, and cool, and .....sigh.

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