Friday, 15 April 2011

Seven weeks later...

As I mentioned in my previous post, I've have been taking walks in Hagley park of late.

Although at times it is easy to believe that nothing has happened here, there are also definite reminders that all is not right in Christchurch. Apart from the felled and fallen oak trees, and the man-made lake that has emptied itself, there is this large car park dumped right on the grass in the middle:

At first it just looks like a temporary car park, set up perhaps for all the workers (civil defence, demolition workers etc) currently hard at work in the CBD. But on closer inspection it becomes apparent that these cars are often dented and broken, covered in dust or with windows dripping with condensation. Rubble and mortar which had smashed the window of one car still sat on the passenger seat. Most of them have a curious orange circle spray painted on the rear windscreen, or occasionally a less confusing message "CLEAR" painted along the side.

These are the vehicular remains from the CBD following the quake. One by one they have been rescued and brought to the park to be claimed by their owners. No one drove out after the quake, cars were left on the streets and in parking buildings.

Yesterday, Matt was able to go down and pick up his car. Fortunately it was in an undamaged car park, and seems to be okay apart from a generous sprinkling of dust.

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