Thursday, 23 June 2011

Brightening up our days...

I recently bought a little Dala horse off TradeMe. Made in Sweden by the Nils Olsson produciton house, they are a traditional carved toy. I think they may be sold to bucket-loads of tourists, like clogs in Holland and boomerangs in Australia.

He's sitting on the windowsill of our not-seeming-so-temporary accommodation, but I think when we move back home, he will be a little reminder of this crappy time in our lives. A little bit of solidity, colour and simplicity amongst all this unstable, depressing chaos.

I have gone on a bit of an online shopping bender in the past week, purchasing items from here, here and here. The exchange rate with the US dollar is crazy good, and I seem to feel inclined to shop shop shop after each half-decent shake.

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