Thursday, 7 July 2011

A trip on my bike...

This morning we had a bit of a reprieve from the icy weather of late, so I jumped on my bike and went for a bit of an explore.

We (I had the kid on the back) went past this old lady on Fendalton Road:

The whole left side is on quite a lean. When we got to Hagley Park, we saw the beginnings of the new 'entertainment hub':

As most of the cities bars, restaurants, theatres and music venues are either demolished or off-limits, the council is setting this up as a semi-temporary measure. I like they way they have decided to use tents, and inflatable domes - can't argue that people won't feel safe there.

In another part of Hagley Park, they are digging up the old lake. It was originally man-made and the earthquakes turned it into a swampy, muddy wasteland.

I'm not sure what the repair strategy entails, but it's certainly looking worse right now.

..then on past Christ's College - where many of the classrooms have been moved into containers parked on the legendary Quadrangle: the Arts Centre, and Le Cafe - looking a bit worse for wear:

...methinks that "Open" sign out front may be a little misleading:

...finally we reached our destination - the Canterbury Cheesemongers. I didn't go there for the cheese though - it was the eccles cakes and pork pies that were calling my name.

A quiet little haven, ticking along amongst all the mayhem. I hope those folk working at the Art Gallery are making the most of this little gem.

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