Tuesday, 31 January 2012

I went to a music festival!

Yep, I haven't been to anything close to a festival since SXSW 2009. Auckland's Laneway Festival was a big day. A big hot day. I got burnt. I got sore feet and sore calves from walking and standing and finally jumping up and down at the end. I got a sore neck from craning to see. I got hot and sweaty. I felt like my age started with the number 2. I felt childless. The music was loud and very good. Even the stuff I didn't like was still quite good. There were tons of well-dressed hipsters, and not too many badly dressed peeps. Highlights?

My top-three bands were (in no particular order): EMA (pictured above), The Cults and M83. And good ol' Leslie Feist was awesome, but in an expected kind of way.

For a taste of my top 3 - check out:

EMA - this lady is crazy-young looking, and very cool, and she was super-friendly.

I had heard quite a bit of The Cults' music prior to seeing them, but nothing prepared me for their total computer-programmer-geek-I.T-nerd look that they had going. Totally Dungeons & Dragons and really incongruous with their quite peppy/dancy songs.

M83 went O.F.F. (that's when I did a bit of jumping up and down and hurt my calves). Turns out they are French (which is maybe why they weren't very big on the crowd-banter thing - it seemed only to extend as far as three phrases:

1. thankyou thankyou thankyou!!
2. New Zealand!!
3. Auckland!!

Anyways, no complaints from me - super awesomeness all round.

We had to get up at 5am this morning to get Matt back to work on time. Pulled the kid out of bed, jumped in a taxi and flew back to ChCh with him wriggling and whining and crying all the way. When I arrived home later this morning I was wretched - tired and red-faced and very-much reminded that my age begins with a 3.