Thursday, 28 June 2012

Earthquake update

I keep meaning to post some photos taken around the CBD, as it is pretty crazy right now - we can see about a dozen cranes from our house, and there is a constant rumbling and grinding noise as you get close and can hear the diggers, nibblers and trucks. There is still a large cyclone fence around the central city (the Red Zone), and only authorised people (construction workers, engineers etc) are allowed in. The local newspaper posts updated videos taken from in the Red Zone regularly, and for those who are interested - the latest link is here:

Even people familiar with Christchurch now find it difficult to orientate themselves when watching these videos - it is a totally flat city, and without many of the landmark buildings navigation is almost impossible.  The more astute of you will recognise the Sons & Co site at around the 20 sec mark.

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