Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The CBD right now

When we went into town to watch the implosion I took a few photos of the surrounding area.We were on the edge of the "Red Zone" but had a good view of the south-east side of the CBD.

The High St-ManchesterSt-Lichfield St corner - check out all the cranes!:

The corner of High and Lichfield (looking North) - the big building on the left is the Majestic.

Manchester/Tuam corner:

The facade of the backpackers that was on the High/Manchester corner - the whole building has gone, but the facade is being propped up by containers on the other side, as the owners are hoping to save it.

Looking across High St at the only remaining building from that strip - the National. The cream/yellow building in the background is the Twisted Hop on Poplar Lane.

And a closer look at the Twisted Hop and that dodgy fountain/sculpture out the front:

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