Monday, 17 September 2012

More earthquake tourism

I drove down Gloucester St today for the first time - it has been open for a while, but I haven't been interested until now, when I had to get across town quickly and needed to take the most direct route.

It is unrecognisable.  I stood on Gloucester St and took this photo looking north - east to the Colombo St corner - the tall building is the Forsyth Barr building.

And this is the Google Street Map view of the same intersection pre-quake:

I took a photo of the Isaac Theatre Royal on Gloucester St - the brick building to the right in the distance is the entrance/foyer, then there is a space/gap where the audience sat, then the building on the left is the stage - still standing, which a large shade curtain flapping in the breeze:

 The entrance to the Central Library:

 And the small arcade opposite:

Further round on Hereford St sits Shands Emporium - it had the best vintage clothing store upstairs, and is one of the oldest buildings in the CBD - it used to sit wedged between other buildings (again, a photo from Google):

But now it sits all alone.

Barely intact. I'm guessing the reason it is there at all is because of some sort of protection status, and hopefully it gets restored

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