Monday, 15 April 2013

Meringue mission...part one.

Making a decent meringue (and a decent pavlova) is something I have aspired to for quite some time... I have always had to beat my egg whites by hand, which is hard work, and it has put me off going near meringues.

So last week I bit the bullet and bought an electric egg beater thingy off TradeMe. $15.  That, and the meringue cookbook I was given for my last birthday, meant I had no more excuses.

I made meringues....used a 'classic' recipe, stuffed up the temperature, but attempted a rescue and it all turned out ok.

They were thin-shelled, with quite a chewy meringue in the middle (and I know heaps of people like the chewy bit in the middle, but it doesn't really represent a killer meringue in my opinion).

I'd give them a 5/10.  Could try harder.

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