Monday, 24 November 2008

My leisurely life.

I have had many people ask me how it is being a lady of leisure, and I have to say that I am surprisingly busy. The garden is in good nick, the washing is all done and the house is relatively tidy. I have been fielding emails with job offers - we live in a small place and fortunately there are lots of vet jobs. Many people refuse to believe that I could possibly not want to work for the next few months. I suppose it's better than struggling to find work.

Anyway, Matt took this photo demonstrating my fine multitasking skills which I utilise in order to fit in as many of my favourite activities at one time:

Basically I am: knitting, drinking gin, eating cherries, reading a book and (although you can't see it) listening to music. Not bad eh?

I only feel that my break has started this week as I have had two weddings to attend in the past week. Now that they are done I can concentrate on finishing off my Christmas presents, and continuing my Elderflower Cordial production line (which we had yesterday with gin and soda and lemon - not bad at all).

Our house is looking particularly spring like right now - I have somehow managed to decorate with large numbers of lovely roses. The kitchen table has lilac ones from one of the weddings (my bridesmaid bouquet) and pink peonies from our friends Jo and Alistair...

The mantelpiece and the sideboard has wild roses from Dot's garden:

Only six days left of spring then summer is here. I can't believe how time flies.

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