Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Pizza and Peonies

This evening was my farewell drinks and pizza at the clinic. I arrived a little flustered and VERY thirsty so I quickly downed 3 glasses of champagne on arrival. Although this helped with my nerves, it didn't help with my impromptu speech.... I don't think I said anything too bad though. I was actually quite taken aback by how many cards and flowers and chocolates I got, both from staff and clients - some of these were really touching and I can't help but think it would be nice to know how much people appreciate you before you leave. I was even a little sad to be going despite feeling like it was an overdue step.

There are some stunning peonies out at the moment and a lovely client brought in the bunch in the photo above - the same client made me a chocolate cake too! A whole cake just for me! BUT, I was so tipsy from all my champers that I left it on the roof when we drove off - we got right to the Sefton garage before I asked Matt about it - fortunately it was still swinging around on the roof, saved only by Matt's kayak rack which was keeping it snugly on top.

I haven't got a photo but the clinic got together and bought me a gorgeous 1920s Japanese lacquered tray. It is stunning, I will have to photograph it and put a photo up tomorrow.

Ah, the end of an era.

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