Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Gardening can make bad days at work slightly more bearable.

That's me in my garden attire, snapped by Matt while planting some spuds for Christmas (planting potatoes really just means digging a trench and throwing in some sprouting old spuds from our spud bin - it worked last year!).

Despite my initial reservations, the garden is going gangbusters:

This week I harvested my first veges - the chinese cabbage and a few leaves of spinach. I chose to ignore the little hole punches in the leaves - I didn't actually see any slugs or bugs.

I also threw in some peas and plenty of lettuces to keep us going.

Coming home and watering the garden is such a peaceful way to end a shite day at work. Speaking of work, my impending unemployment has been brought forward to this Friday!! Hoorah!

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