Sunday, 19 October 2008

Another productive Sunday...

Yes, another fine Sunday. It kicked off with an open home for a Peter Beaven house in Christchurch - the house was perfect, almost completely original and a wonderful section with plenty of room for my requisite vege patch. However, it sits right on a REALLY busy road which would be hard to conceal, and is kind of on the wrong side of town. We shall see.

Then it was off home for a lie in the sun (sampling my pickled onions) and a gin.

I have on a bit of a mission to use up all the hoarded fabric I have lying around. I have made plenty of cushions and quite a few shoulder bags, but for the less attractive samples my mum actually gave me the idea of making oven cloths/mits. Just take lots of layers of fabric, quilt together, finish with bias binding and..

viola! a new oven cloth.

Methinks these will make excellent (and cheap) Christmas presents for the ladies I know (cheap is becoming increasingly important given my impending unemployment).

Last weekend Dot and Godfrey visited Gisborne and brought back with them a bag of oranges for us. I used some last week when I made a fennel, sorrel and orange salad (didn't take a photo, but it was AWESOME). I used some more this afternoon to make Matt, Tim and Matt some orange cakes with lemon icing.



s01ipsist said...

Awesome. You've got the makings of a modern-day 50s-esque how-to 'annual'. Another possible career diversion?

Anonymous said...

Yeah I had one of these and they were pretty good.