Tuesday, 14 October 2008

A Spanish-loving New Zealander from Japan

There's a new nightspot in Christchurch, and it's set to become our fav. Never before have we seen anything like this.

It's called Antonio's and it sits at the end of a dodgy little arcade in town. It's only slightly larger than our bathroom and has a tiny bar with 4 bar stools and a keyboard set up at the end.

Antonio himself is a humble man. Originating in Osaka he has lived in New Zealand for several years now (he has set up our bestest eatery "Osaka" which lies in the same arcade), and has twice traveled to Spain for several months at a time.

He loves Spain, and so the wall is adorned with photos of Antonio at the bullfighting, Antonio eating tapas, Antonio with his Spanish teacher.....

But, the best part about Antonio's is that he is always there, always friendly, and ALWAYS happy to turn the music off and entertain you with a ditty on his electronic piano.

Ah Antonio, you Spanish-loving New Zealander from Japan, whatever will you think of next?

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Arch said...

Brilliant, you have to take us there after Xmas! Next time you're in there ask him if he knows how to play 'Linda Linda' (pronounced Rinda Rinda in Japanese) by The Blue Hearts, it's a Japanese pop classic.

Following your posts regularly, try and save some asparagus if possible! See you shortly,

A xx