Monday, 27 October 2008

Labour Day shenanigans

Today was labour day which means that not only did I not go to work (cos I don't work Mondays no more), but neither did Matt. It was a stunning day and we decided to walk over the Bridle Path.

The Bridle Path used to be the only traverse between Lyttelton and Christchurch back in the olden days. Now it is chock full of crazy exercise types running and on bikes... and people like me (puffing and cursing and sweating).

We both walked to the top without incident (although I could hardly utter a word I was so puffed), then Matt and Boo descended into Lyttelton at a run. I waited at the top of the hill and got this piccie of them on the way up again:

Even Boo was tired at the end.

The day was nuts though in terms of weather. In the afternoon all we could do was sit around and drink. I had my first Vodka and bitters of the season. Yummo. I garnished it with some lemon balm that I found desperately trying to survive in the old herb garden.

And in case you're wondering, the glass is a Utility Glass made by Jonathan Baskett. We have about eight, all different colours and they are wicked.


ps only 5 working days left before the Summer of Gin begins (although I discovered Pimm's on the weekend and I think a fair amount of that will be drunk this summer too).

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