Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Monday outing

The three of us set out on a North Canterbury outing today - here's Boo with the wind in her ears and of course with no idea of our destination, yet excited at just being on the road.

This photo also shows side of the Citroen in all it's splendour, unlike how it looks now (but more about that soon).

First stop was Gore Bay where we found our perfect bach:

Oh so tiny, but oh so cool. I especially like the way there is absolutely no garden, just an expanse of bare lawn.

Then it was on to the Cheviot Domain where we took Boo for wander among the trees;

..and explored what's left of the foundations of the Mansion House which once stood there:

Again, doesn't our car look lovely? Unfortunately on the way home we chose to stop in at the Rangiora New World, where the dork parked beside us pulled out completely unaware of our presence. Boo was stunned, as were we.

Oh dear oh dear, our lovely car. The scrape in the rear panel prevents the back of the car from lowering with the hydropneumatic suspension so we've had to take it off completely which makes it look even worse. Fortunately we have insurance. Unfortunately for the guy who did it, he doesn't.

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