Thursday, 14 May 2009

It's Akaroa's fault

My parents have a house in Akaroa and sometimes we go over and stay there. It's a little settlement on the water and is noted for having a large proportion of French settlers (back in the beginning of European colonisation). In summer it is blue and green and sparkling and warm, but in Autumn it can be quite bleak - we went for a wander on Saturday (Matt was on the lookout for some old Warren and Mahoney house for Christchurch Modern) past the lighthouse to a Britomart memorial:

Boo's a sucker for a good memorial - she likes to read the inscriptions to learn a bit more about local history.

We had an amazing meal that night and then cuddled up for the evening, only to awaken to find snow on the hills outside the kitchen window....which meant a very bleak and scary drive back to Sefton that night.

See, there's snow!

Dudley Benson wrote a song about Akaroa. He used to live there. you can listen here:

Matt didn't find the house.

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