Saturday, 10 July 2010

I went to Sydney and all I got were these photos of a cat....

That's right, a whole weekend in Sydney, but was there any sightseeing? Nooo. Any shopping? God no. Any sleep? A tiny bit. Some good food? Quite a lot, but mostly takeaways.

We took bubs over to visit relatives a couple of weeks back - a whirlwind visit consisting of much dashing around, lots of introductions and general madness.

The highlights?

1. Meeting Kipper the cat (see above) who got particularly put out when I got up early in the morning and wouldn't feed him - well, I would have if he could have shown me where his food was kept, but he just kept meowing and attacking my feet. I finally found some dodgy (yes Toby and Nic, dodgy) Whiskers sachets - ewww. But it kept him happy.

2. Thai takeaways - I can't remember if we had them twice or three times, but they were goooood. It was so great to have fresh plump prawns and other delicious seafood delights.

3. Bourke St Bakery in Marrickville - my one expedition outside the house, around the corner from where we stayed. I had a lovely coffee and some brioche toast with yoghurt and berries.

4. Getting home again - flying internationally with a teeny baby is not much fun, I won't be repeating that in a hurry.

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