Friday, 16 July 2010

Tamarillo funtimes

It's tamarillo season here in NZ - they have a pretty short season I'm told, so I snapped a few up from the supermarket last week. I have a confession though - I've never actually eaten a tamarillo, I don't remember seeing them when I was growing up, and they kind of remind me of feijoas which I hate. Anyway, I thought I'd give them a bash as they were so cheap and looked so nice and red and shiny.

For my first tamarillo foray, I decided to make a version of Aunt Daisy's Tamarillo chutney.

It has been many moons since I some sort of preserve or chutney on the stove (definitely not this year), and it was great to steam up the kitchen (and the whole house for that matter) with acidic vinegary-ness.

The end result is a lovely colour, and tastes yum (quite sweet, but with a tart aftertaste), however it hasn't set very well and is fairly runny.

I'm just not sure if I can be bothered trying to remedy it by boiling it up again....

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