Saturday, 30 October 2010


Applesauce is not as exciting as it sounds - it's actually just an American name for pureed apple with a teeny pinch of cinnamon. Anyway, I saw this recipe the other day and seeing as I happened to have truckloads of pureed apple lying around (truly), I thought I'd whip it up for last night's NZNTM final.

Now, mine is not nearly as nice looking as the one in the recipe I used, my icing wasn't as thick and white and gorgeous looking, and I am not as flash a photographer as the folk at Smitten Kitchen, and I actually was unable to taste this as I still have a blocked nose, but the half dozen people who have tried it all say it is delicious...although I'm sure no-one would tell me otherwise anyway!

...and Danielle won, which was terrific - we whooped and clapped and shook our fists in the air!

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