Friday, 1 October 2010

Icky but amazing...

Just another pair of bare feet? No, these belong to Ron Mueck's Pregnant Woman. I was lucky enough to go to the preview this morning at the Christchurch Art Gallery of the exhibition which opens this weekend. It was amazing, and icky. He makes such life-like sculptures of people of all scales - some gigantic, some tiny, some dead, some alive, some old and some young.

Photos don't do it justice. If you are in Christchurch then go. Please.

Although I was particularly impressed with the feet, it was the sheer scale of some of the works that blew me away....

...and I was quite taken by the big hairy man with a big hairy back who had such a realistic pimple on his back I just wanted to reach out and squeeze didn't feel right to take a photo of a pimple so I didn't, but now I regret it.

I took Clem - he wasn't as impressed as I had hoped he'd be. He was more interested in my companion...giant babies? Enormous bearded men? No thanks, I'll take the real life lady in the bright blue cardigan.

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