Saturday, 1 January 2011

Bonne Année!

To end the year we had an amazing Vietnamese dinner, the hero being the humble iceberg lettuce. So crisp and fresh and delicious. A big thank you to our hosts and companions.

I realised I have nothing specific in store for 2011 (2010 had more than it's fair share of stuff - a baby and a new house for starters), so I'm thinking of it as a blank slate. As for resolutions - same old ones again methinks - more exercise, read more, blah blah blah. I'm also going to maybe try and boost my income (I am kind of over living off a weekly income that is less than the unemployment benefit) and might even do a little study (it's been four years since I learnt anything)...Nothing too radical, but a few small goals to work towards.

I hope everyone had a great night last's to 2011!

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Jo Blair said...

What a nice post! What a great night! I am officially without phone, so just 'popping' in this way to say hi and thanks for the full family sleepover. J x