Tuesday, 18 January 2011

My latest project

Remember this guy?

I was so proud to find him for Matt's office. He was so big and green and plant-y (and only cost $6!!).

Well, flash forward two and a half years and this is what he looks like:

Yes, this photo is taken at our house, where we have relocated the plant for some intensive care. Turns out the office environment (or was it just the company of Matt and the boys) wasn't great for this guy. He has lost most his leaves, and those that are left are a bit worse for wear. He has also grown heaps of root type things from his trunk - presumably in a desperate attempt to find the water that he was never offered.

I am going to attempt to rescue him. Not sure how. I think some pruning and re-potting may be in order but I will have to do some research. Watch this space.

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