Saturday, 5 February 2011

So healthy it hurts..

Something I resolved to do this year was to eat a bit less animal protein - last year we got into the habit of having a large piece of steak or chicken or fish with dinner at least six times per week - not only was it pretty expensive, but somehow I just don't think it's that healthy either. So I am trying to cook more fish and vegetarian dishes this year.

I made a variation of this lemony chickpea and tofu salad a few weeks ago, using lots of cucumber, spinach and cabbage. Sounds so healthy it would be yuck, but was actually pretty good, especially with mung beans and crushed peanuts on top.

Also along the lines of being more healthy I have started 'proper' yoga again (for the past eighteen months I have been doing either pre-natal yoga, post-natal yoga, stuffed-knee yoga, or post-surgery-on-my-knee yoga). I had my first class on Thursday night - yikes, it was super challenging, but great to be back into it. Apparently we will be doing headstands later this

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