Friday, 3 September 2010

The day spa...

I had my surgery today. I had to be at the hospital at 7.30am, I got to read today's newspaper while I waited, I spoke to a succession of friendly nurses, doctors and an anesthetist. The doctor drew a big blue arrow on my shin pointing to my knee so they didn't operate on the wrong one. I got into my hospital gown and then got to lie in bed while I spoke to several more nurses and a doctor. Then I got wheeled into theatre and was given my anesthetic. Falling asleep was so lovely and dreamy and wonderful.

Just before I woke up I was having an amazing dream but I can't remember any of it. and when I came to I was a bit disorientated, I was really intent on finding out if it was snowing outside (which isn't quite as crazy as it sounds because snow was forecast today) and I remember I kept saying something about how the sky was blue so it can't be snowing. Then I got to lie in bed with an oxygen mask for about an hour - I was a bit cold, so get this, they brought me some heated flannel sheets, all toasty and warm (they felt like they had come out of an oven). Then I got a cup of tea and some sandwiches.

My knee was pretty sore, so they loaded me up with tonnes of drugs (the good stuff like codeine and fentanyl). And then I sat in a big comfy chair while I waited for Matt.

All in all it was thoroughly enjoyable. And I had a nap in the afternoon when I got home too. But this is the best bit - when I looked in the mirror this evening, I looked amazing. Truly - my skin is super clear and the bags under my eyes have all but disappeared! It's totally like I spent the day at some sort of beauty spa. I'm not sure if it was the sleep, the oxygen, the leisurely pace, or just the lack of baby, but damn I feel good! I highly recommend a day in hospital for those who feel a bit run down and haggard.

Okay, now for the gross part. So, they were doing the surgery because there were a couple of "loose bodies" floating around in there, probably from the underside of my kneecap (they chipped/scraped off when it dislocated), and the nice doctor put them in a pottle so I could see them I present to loose bodies:

...all five of them! Five little hard nuggety bodies. They are about the size of large peas. Not bad at all I reckon, but very yucky to think of them kicking around in there, and it's no wonder I was so sore.

Now if I could just work out some way to go back and have another general anesthetic, preferably weekly, I'll be set.

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