Sunday, 19 September 2010

Things are looking up.

Things are looking okay around here.... today was not only sunny, but warm too. We sat in the sun and enjoyed a few G & Gs (ginger ale and ginger wine)...

Yes, those are my bare legs, and I am posting a photo here... I must be feeling good! I figure it's okay as my shoes are slightly paler than my skin (the bruise on my knee is leftover from my surgery).

And some other good news... according to Geonet, there hasn't been one single earthquake today... that is a first since the big one! In case you're wondering, there have been 766 aftershocks so far...766!!! It's enough to drive you batty.


Catherine said...

Having a quiet drink in the sunshine sounds pretty perfect to me! I love that it's finally starting to get a bit warmer here too.
Oh and definitely good with no more aftershocks, 766 is amazing!

Michelle said...

Great news! Love your header, btw.