Thursday, 16 September 2010

Dogs have teeth too....

I'm supposed to do it daily, or at least twice a week, but at the moment Boo's lucky if I get round to it every fortnight...

That's right - brushing teeth! Hers, not mine (I brush mine a bit more frequently you'll be please to hear). Unlike having a bath, she actually enjoys this - the toothpaste is special malt flavoured just for dogs, and she enjoys the one on one time we have. You can buy proper dog toothbrushes, or rubber things which you slip on your finger, but I just use an extra soft baby's toothbrush.

She spends the whole time trying to lick the toothbrush which makes it a bit tricky, but we get there in the end. For those who are interested, the idea is to concentrate on the bit where the gum meets the teeth - this is arguably more important than the teeth themselves as this is where nasty icky doggie oral bacteria hang out and cause problems.

I dare you to give it a go (just don't try people paste - they don't like the taste and it's not great for them to swallow it).

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