Thursday, 2 September 2010

...finally winter is done.

All of the Northern hemisphere blogs I read are starting to refer to turning leaves, cooler weather and "fall fashions", while the Southern hemisphere blogs are posting obligatory photos of sunny skies, baby animals and spring flowers. Here's my cliched contribution to the change of seasons.

Sadly, our new garden is not nearly as lovely as where we were last year, and I very much miss being able to pop outside and pick a bunch of daffodils, but we do have small pockets of loveliness, they're just overwhelmed by weeds, elm suckers and the most hideous of them all...agapanthus.

Hopefully this time next year things will be tidier, and lovelier and I will be able to pick a bunch of something, even if it's not daffodils.

ps. my bread baking going well, we are on to our third loaf this week and it seems to be no major effort thus far.

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