Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Dog saves cat - blurry iPhone photos prove it.

Boo has donated blood a few times. She's a good donor - the right size, healthy, and she sits lovely a still while we take the blood. Usually we are using her blood to help save a dog with some sort of severe anemia - either from blood loss, or blood destruction (auto-immune).

On Friday, she was called in to donate again, and did so willingly (she gets a tin of cat food immediately afterwards, which she thinks is amaze-balls).

But this time, she didn't give her blood to a poor doggy with an anemia......she gave it to..........A CAT!!

Here is a shitty photo of said cat, hooked up to a bag of Boo's life-saving blood (seen at centre top of photo).

Poor kitty-cat was bleeding internally, and we needed to urgently take her to surgery. There was no time to find a suitable cat donor (it's hard enough to find a cat donor at all, then very difficult to collect the blood as cats aren't great at sitting still, and then even harder to get the right type which doesn't cause immediate anaphylaxis and death), so Boo stepped in.

It worked perfectly, the cat didn't react, and we increased her red cell count enough to make it safe to anesthetise her for surgery. 

Postscript: when we had poor kitty-cat in surgery, we found she had some serious shit going on, and unfortunately we had to euthanase her.

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