Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Coming up to an anniversary..

We are just over three weeks away from the second anniversary of the big quake.  Nearly two years!  But we aren't doing too badly - our house has even been fixed.

Every time I walk down to the park, I spare a thought for the residents of this house:

That pipe was put in just after the earthquake. It runs from a shallow hole/puddle in their lawn, out into the gutter. Presumably there is either a newly-formed spring, or a burst water pipe that is churning out water.

It runs at full stream all day and all night, seven days a week, and has been doing so for nearly two years.  Boo uses it as her fresh water drinking spot when we are on our way home from our walk.

Their whole section is wet and has a faint odour of mould. The grass grows lush and green and swampy. They have an old weatherboard house which sits above this swamp, which must be so incredibly damp, and cold.

No doubt the pipe was put in as a 'temporary' solution. And no doubt they are pretty pissed that it is still there.

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