Friday, 1 February 2013

The chair thing...

Matt has always had a thing for furniture - he loves good design and always has a few things on the TradeMe watchlist. 

Generally, we only purchase when we need something - a dining table, or a desk chair. 

But insidiously, over the past few years, his chair thing has gotten out of control. 

Until recently, we had twelve chairs in our house, one in the garage, two at an upholsterer, two at a friend's place in Auckland, and at least four at his work. 

Then, when we were in Melbourne, he spotted a couple of safari chairs...

...and couldn't resist. We now own about 22 chairs (I'm sure there are at least a couple I have forgotten). Ridiculous.

1 comment:

Arch said...

Fortunately that's a f@$&ing awesome chair.