Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Not a giant?

On Monday we had a wee aftershock. Not a big deal (we have had something like 60 in the past month, but most are too small to feel), except this time my kid felt it too.

We were in the kitchen, and he was on a stool. When it started he went dead still and stared at me with massive saucer-eyes. I held his hands and smiled at him.

"What's that?" he asked.
"An earthquake"
"What does it do?"
"The ground shakes, and it's noisy, and it makes the house jiggle and wiggle"

[silence, and frown]

"Not a giant?"
"No, not a giant..."

Later, he drew me a picture, and declared that it was a picture of 'an earthquake':

Admittedly, it looks very similar to other pictures he has drawn - of horses, and pancakes and flying to Auckland, but still.....the resemblance to an actual earthquake is uncanny.

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