Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Procrastination blow-out

I mentioned in a previous post that I am back blogging again, in part because I have an exam on Friday and it is super procrastination. 

Other anti-study things I have been doing (apart from baking, and cleaning) include:

1. Buying super cheap plants (5 for $10!) and potting them and arranging them in strange ways around the house:

I think the stairs are a no-go. Looks totally stupid. What was I thinking?

2. Quilting. I've only just finished the last one, and I'm back on the quilting wagon. And I have two on the go at once! Woah! Crazy times!

But, in my enthusiasm, I have killed my trusty old Bernina machine.  And, to makes things worse, when I pulled out my back-up machine (another not-quite-as-old Bernina), it worked for about one minute, then started buzzing and emitting smoke and a funny smell. Doh!

The Bernina repair shop used to be in Sydenham, about five minutes from my house. But after the earthquake, it moved to Papanui. So now I have to drive both my machines up there to be looked at...blah blah blah...

So sorry to those peep who I promised quilts for - looks like there will be a delay. Hopefully I'll be back in action in a couple of weeks.

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