Thursday, 10 July 2008


Ok, we have definitely had enough of the cold. Last week our fire actually broke. I didn't realise a fire could break, but apparently if you don't get it maintained by a chimney sweep for over 5 years it can effectively break. It just stopped working. Plenty of smoke but no fire and therefore no heat. It came to breaking point on Saturday when it started snowing. Even with the fire blazing our house isn't quite warm, but with nothing at all it is truly freezing (literally). So we were very relieved when friendly and agile Adam (he clambered up on to the roof even) showed on Monday to clear things up.

But really, the cold is only enjoyable if you are warm. At this time of year it really starts to get us down. I am working on an awesome winter project though which involves 5 gifts for the 5 women I know who have either just had a baby or are due in the next 2 months... I wanted to make a few before I published a photo, so keep posted.


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