Monday, 29 September 2008

Long light nights.

Oh daylight savings, thank you for arriving so soon, what a pleasant surprise! After months of dark and wet it is so lovely to switch to light and dry. And warm right now too.

Even though it's not advisable to do so soon (there are still a couple of frosts to be had before spring is sprung), I just couldn't resist planting some veges out. I chose the hardier ones - caulis, broccolis and cabbages and a couple of fennel bulbs (I'm hoping to recreate a sorrel and fennel salad I had at Pegasus Bay Winery on the weekend). I'm a little apprehensive and worried for the little things but hopefully they will withstand any final insults the weather will throw at them.

Hopefully they will be ready by summer. Speaking of which, this summer is going to be really special. As of 7th November I will no longer be employed. I'm taking a couple of months off from working and will spend the time sewing, gardening and looking for a new house for us to live in. I am also planning on drinking large amounts of gin, during the day, while lying on the grass reading. And, although it's slightly at odds with this, I am hoping to get fit. As in exercise fit. I have never really achieved this before, so thought I may as well start now. I may even enter some sort of event, like a duathlon, but I don't want to get ahead of myself here.

Anyway, we are feeling so good now the sun's come back.... bring on summer. Bring. It. On.

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