Tuesday, 16 September 2008

My new bike

You may recall that I mentioned that I was on the lookout for a new bike for when we move into town. Well, I went to the Waimakariri Refuse Centre with our recycling one day and found a poor old abandoned thing not unlike the style I am in the market for:

Upon getting it home I realised that it was actually totally un-road-worthy... for one, the handlebars are on backwards, and secondly there is LOADS of rust (invisible to my so-excited-a-free-bike-that-might-be-really-cool eyes).

Fortunately, I found a much more useful and cooler version on trademe. It's a 1955 Phillips Ladies Bicycle, and has working front and rear dynamos.. I take it up and down the farm tracks with Boo running behind.

Dot commented that our back doorstep looks like somewhere in Amsterdam, what with all the old red bicycles lying around.

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