Monday, 1 September 2008


Yay, FINALLY spring has arrived, sun, wind and dryness. Winter went out with a bang though - more flooding last week and more mud, much to our (and Boo's) disgust.

Today I started prepping the garden for spring planting - basically this involved walking over to the cattle yards and shoveling cow shit into bucket then spreading this out over the vegetable patch and digging it through. The vege patch is currently empty but in not too long I plan to have it sprouting forth with all sorts of edible bounty. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the cow shit spreading process, but I might do a second round and post a photo for all to takes me back to the days of being a cow vet. Ahhhh.....cow poo.

And as an aside, I just wanted to share my favourite Olympic moment.

Go the Bouncing Kangaroo!!

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