Saturday, 24 January 2009

Cheeps, oinks and other tales..

Well, my mood has certainly improved since the start of this week. I'm working temporarily in a lovely clinic where all the animals are lovely and the people are lovely and it's great to be a vet for a wee while. I particularly liked this little peep:

He was so little and if you cheeped at him he did this:

And another mood booster was the pork I made on Tuesday. I am generally not a fan of pork - I eat bacon from time to time but since spending time in a piggery in Australia some years ago I haven't been able to bring myself to eat pork. A friend of Matt's gave us a shoulder of wild pork (well, given the size of the shoulder it was more likely a large piglet) that he had brought back from a hunting trip. It's sat in the freezer for several months but I decided to make it the other night and so looked through some recipe books and found several slightly different recipes for pork and milk. It sounded a little dodgy but I gave it a go - it was stupidly easy - I just put the shoulder into a roasting pan with thyme, fennel seeds and leaves, rosemary, sage, onion and lemon rind....

...and then I just poured milk over the lot and roasted it for, like three or four hours.

The meat was falling off the bone and was yum yum yummo. Turns out pork and milk is a great house-hunting-moping cure.

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ArizonaLewis said...

i came across your blog when i pushed the "next" button on the top of my blog. I think you are fascinating and your cooking looks divine!
Have a great day.