Monday, 19 January 2009

Monday Blues

Well, the holidays are truly over now... I've even done a few days locuming so I think the Summer of Gin may have ended too. Today I started following up the copies of my CV that I sent out before Christmas, and the whole idea of going back to permanent work is really bringing me down. I don't know where te past two months have gone.

One of the other factors bringing me down is our house-hunting. It's just so depressing when we don't like even one house currently on the market. We had got our hopes unrealistically up regarding one property which wasn't for sale but which we convinced ourselves the current owners would sell to us anyway. Yesterday we realised that this is never going to happen, and it's really brought our spirits down.

I have been trying to boost myself with a bit of crafting, but I'm not inspired to knit or sew, and I can't even bring myself to turn the pile of Akaroa grapefruit on the bench in the kitchen into marmalade. Maybe another day. Sigh.

I have managed to begin one little task that I've had in mind though - a cross-stitch of Matt's company logo.

I'm not sure if he'll display it in public at work, but it's something ot take my mind of the current state of affairs.

ps. if anyone out there has an architecturally designed house built between 1950 - 1980 on the East or South side of Christchurch and you want to sell it at a bargain price then please get in touch.

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