Friday, 9 January 2009

Hot hot hot

Some of you may have heard about the record breaking day we had yesterday - unofficially it reached 40 degrees in some parts of Canterbury. Very hot for round here, we were not at all ready. We nearly melted, and we didn't even have fur coats on like some members of the family:

Pot is very much a curl up and sleep on the bed or curl up and sleep under the bed kind of cat - it was definitely strange to see her so elongated.

It would have been a lovely evening for lounging around outside but we had tickets to see The Dodos at Al's Bar which we had been eagerly awaiting. They didn't disappoint - despite the temperature still being well above 30 they performed a great set, and now I've been inspired to go get myself a glockenspiel. Oh, and the Ruby Suns were supporting them and they also did a stellar job.

A Southerly is due to come through tonight easing the heat, but possibly ruin tomorrow's plans for tennis and gin.

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