Wednesday, 2 December 2009

It's summer....apparently.

The first two days of summer have been very disappointing - it has rained all day for both days, and I have had to have the heater on inside all day. Once or twice a week Matt takes Boo into the office, so I can potter about at home without the constant guilt that I am not devoting my entire day to entertaining her. Today was one of those days and with the truly unseasonal weather I spent it entirely indoors doing winter type activities. Such as working on my quilt. This afternoon I put my head down and got all of the front side sewn together in one hit. The dreary day means the photos aren't very good, but you get the general idea:

I'm pretty happy with it - I'm not a very experienced quilt maker and didn't consult any books or anything, I figure it's just a matter of making lots of different size squares and making sure they sew together to form a large rectangle. And although it is immensely satisfying to have finished the front panel, given I haven't actually started the "quilting" yet, I suspect the hardest part is still to come.

And to top the day off, I made a citrus slice for afternoon tea (and Matt's dessert)...

Wicked. Now if summer could just show up tomorrow I will be happy....

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