Thursday, 29 April 2010

A bit of a distraction..

Last Tuesday morning I took Boo down to Redcliffs for a walk as it was an epic day - so sunny and warm.

I took a few photos, and thought how boring the blog was getting as it all seemed to be pictures of Boo at the beach, or crafty things for babies.

After I walked Boo, I had coffee with a friend, went to the garden store, potted a few plants, shaved my legs (!) and then I had a baby. True story.

I swore to myself that there would be no mention of a baby on the blog (although I was free to mention bunting and mobiles and baby quilts) for fear that this would turn into a 'mummy blog'. But then this guy came along, and I have spent a whole week trying to think of something to post that isn't baby related, and I realised that now there actually is nothing else. For the meantime anyway.

I'm sure in a few weeks I will have something else to mention, maybe some food thing, or maybe we will go out somewhere fun, but for now we are tied to this little man (who is totally a mini-Matt which is slightly disconcerting), so there is little to say. Matt wrote a Haiku describing our current situation:

Boob poo bed boob poo
Bed boob poo bath boob bed boob
Poo bed boob poo bed.


Dog Blog said...

This is funny! Did it really happen to you?

Lil said...

You know it..

Anonymous said...

You describe our world so perfectly. Tom,Kerryn and Zach