Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Finally, a completed project.

Since The Big Earthquake, I have had real difficulty finishing projects. I'm okay with baking - today I stewed some fruit, made salmon with cream chive sauce for Clem's lunch, then made a salmon quiche (I made the short pastry too), then a cod pie for our dinner, with an apple and black-boy peach pie for dessert - phew!

Anyway, my reading has all but ended (I read about two pages each night before falling into a deep sleep), and my sewing is suffering as my machine and fabric etc is all at our house (which we won't be living in for some months yet).

Which leaves me with knitting. I have been knitting a vest for Clem for the past six weeks or so. And I finally finished it the other day - it should have only taken a few days, but I have had trouble finding time (I'm not sure why - I have practically nothing on right now).

It took me so long in fact, that ir only just fits him, and I'm sure he will have outgrown it in another couple of weeks.

But it's warm, and looks pretty cute.

He has discovered the big windows at our temporary accommodation, and likes to smoosh his face up against them.

It may have been cruel of me to take these photos, but they sure are funny.

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Heddi Goodrich said...

Gorgeous photos, and I can see the family resemblance :)