Thursday, 3 March 2011

Keep on ticking..

Although things are far from normal here, we are starting to do things which point towards recovery. We cleaned up the house last weekend. Check out our shelves - nearly everything came off:

We're concentrating now on trying to get Matt working again, and seeing what options we have in terms of insurance and financial help. Provided it's given the all-clear, our house may become a temporary office (his premises are right in the thick of things in the CBD and it doesn't look as if they will be able to get back into them any time in the next few months, if at all).

I have been doing a bit of work - a welcome distraction, and will try and get more over the next week or so.

We have strong ties to Christchurch - a house and business, so we aren't going anywhere for a while, but so many of our friends have fled - some will return, but many won't. Especially those with children who need to find schools and some sense of normality.

It is so weird right now, and hard to imagine what things will be like in six months, twelve months or three years time. Sigh.

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Unknown said...

Hey guys. Thinking of you!!!!!!!!!!
Cant imagine what it has all been like, and is now like - strange, concerning, sad.
But you gotta keep ticking, keep going.
Best wishes. Tim (and Elfi)