Tuesday, 10 February 2009

So sad.

I keep meaning to post a blog about all the baking I've done of late, and the lead up to the Coast to Coast (this Saturday), but then I keep remembering that hundreds of people have burned to death in the past few days in Australia, and it makes me feel kind of sick in my tummy.

I think a lot of people find it difficult to understand why people were even in their homes when bush fires were around, but they are really common in summer over there. For the five summers we lived there there were major bush fires every year that could potentially threaten hundreds of homes. And usually if residents are well prepared then defending their property seemed to be achievable. It wasn't heroic nor stupid, it is just what a lot of people do, and are advised to do. The other option is to leave, but early.

When we were living there a group of us went to stay in Mafra in East Victoria for a week and on the way we drove past some bush fires. Everyone was so nonchalant about them - when we turned on the radio there were actual warnings telling us that we shouldn't be on the highway that we were on and I asked one of the girls I was with whether we needed to be concerned and she was like, "Nah, you get heaps of warning, we'll be fine". And we were. But I can totally see why lots of people weren't last weekend. No warning apparently. So sad.

Enough of that. Sorry, too many words and not enough photos today (I have a great one of me standing grinning in front of a sky filled with orange and black smoke from the road trip mentioned above, but somehow I think it might be a tad tasteless to post it up right now).

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